Childhood Sexual Abuse & Sexual Assault

If you have experienced sexual abuse (childhood or as an adult) or sexual assault, you may walk through the world feeling angry, depressed, confused, anxious, hopeless, guilty, shameful, or more.. You may also feel disconnected from yourself and the world in general. You may wish to feel alive but don't know how. You may dread talking about what happened to you. Or you may want to talk about it but don't know how. You may remember every detail, or only a vague sense that something happened. Not remembering is the body and mind's way of protecting you from the trauma.

You may resent the effort, time, and money of therapy when the person who did this to you does nothing to take responsibility or better themselves. Or it was a stranger or date who assaulted you and you're left with the effects and ongoing symptoms including flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety in certain life situations, triggers that remind you of the event, low self worth and self esteem, depression, instability in relationships, social anxiety, and more. 

The effects of sexual trauma can affect a person emotionally, physically, mentally, and sexually. Perhaps you can't have an orgasm or don't want to have sexual intimacy. Or you long for closeness but feel trapped by touch and emotional intimacy.


To heal trauma, the way out is through. Through the memories, feelings, and beliefs about yourself and the world. I can't say the process is easy but with safety, support, knowledge and desire, healing can begin.