Couples Therapy

You and your partner: 

-enjoy your connection with each other, but there's a pattern you fall into that's causing you both confusion & pain

-You struggle with aspects of your partner or yourself. You've tried ignoring these hoping they'll go away and bringing them up makes things worse. You've tried acceptance but the problem isn't going away 


-You feel lonely in your relationship but you don't know what you need or how to ask for it

-The relationship evokes past issues or traumas that need support and working through. Couples can deadlock in these moments- when one person needs something specific but the other needs something different or the opposite. For example, you need to talk things through while your partner needs space. This often creates pain, confusion, and overwhelm 

There's hope


Therapy can help:

-understand and find ways to work with your dynamic as a couple, increasing empathy and connection between the two of you


-rebuild hope that challenges and differences can be worked through and strengthen your relationship

-learn how to communicate thoughts, feelings, and hopes with each other so you can rebuild connection

-re-establish and deepen the care that exists between the two of you, creating a more satisfying sexual connection