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How I work

Anxiety, depression, and other experiences of disconnection from the self can be draining, frustrating, and painful. The solution becomes focused on alleviating the symptom only to have it return again and again. We search for a solution, yet the familiar uncomfortable feelings linger or similar experiences continue to happen. Oftentimes, that's when we take the courageous step and ask for help.


Our mind and body are organized towards health and healing. When something difficult or intolerable happens, our system shifts to try and protect us so we can survive and function as best we can. But over time, the body and mind's way of protecting us begins to cause problems: health issues, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, loneliness, low self esteem and self worth, etc.


With the support of a good-fit therapeutic relationship, a person can begin to see their defenses as attempts to survive difficult circumstances. Through exploration and understanding, self compassion can begin to grow. Then the mind, body, heart, and spirit can begin to communicate with each other again. This is the process of healing. 


My style of therapy is interactive, warm, compassionate, curious, and gently directive. I will be your ally to help you reach your goals and to reconnect with yourself with honesty, love, and self compassion. My goal is to help you know yourself more fully.  

Areas of specialty include:


Coping with life changes and transitions

Family-of-origin estrangement & alienation

Imposter syndrome

Self esteem & boundaries

Sexual Abuse & assault

Trauma & PTSD


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