Individual Therapy


-Have you had a difficult or traumatic experience and no matter what you try you just can't seem to feel better?


- Are you struggling with the aftermath of childhood abuse and don't yet know how to heal and move forward?

-Do you feel not like yourself lately and you're questioning whether you can trust yourself and your feelings?

- Do you fear if people really knew you they wouldn’t like you?


- Do others see you as successful but on the inside you feel anxious and uncertain of your worth?

-Are you grieving a loss? Have others expressed you should "be over it" by now?

-Do you doubt yourself, your career, relationship, or some aspect of your life?

-Do you sometimes wonder if you are "normal"? Do you have a gnawing feeling something is wrong?  

Goals of therapy may include:

-heal from a disturbing event or trauma and move forward with hope & clarity 

-communicate more effectively in relationships & feel closer to others 

-reduce doubt and anxiety & increase self-esteem and self-confidence

-discover new interests and feel more engaged in life

-experience ease & contentment, sometimes for the first time

-know your right career and place in the world

-feel at home with yourself and in your relationships

-congruency: feeling on the inside the way others view you from the outside

My style of therapy is interactive, compassionate, and at times directive. My goal is to help you heal the past and move forward in your life with clarity, confidence & hope. I wish for you to feel at home with yourself and your relationships. 


Areas of specialty include:


Trauma and PTSD

Childhood incest, sexual abuse, rape 

Emotional abuse & neglect, emotional incest, physical abuse

Self esteem & Boundaries

Imposter syndrome

Relationship issues