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Individual Counseling & Psychotherapy


You may be experiencing a major life transition such as:

                -separation or divorce 

                -loss and grief

                -middle age or empty nest 

                -relationship difficulties 

                -career or life confusion 

Or pain from childhood trauma or a current trauma or difficulty:

                -you may be estranged or distant from your family of origin. This may                        be difficult, especially around the holidays

                -you're anxious or depressed and not sure why or how to feel better 

                -you feel like something is missing or something is wrong, but you                            don't know what it is or how to find out

                 -you feel different from others and you don't know why

                 -you suffer from low self esteem or low self worth

                 -you feel incongruent: others see you as together and successful, but                         on the inside you feel anxious, insecure, or uncertain

A right-fit therapeutic relationship can provide knowledgable support and empathy to help you understand what's happening inside of you. Making meaning of your experience can lay a framework of safety to be able to feel the pain, locate the sensations in the body, thus increasing connection within- otherwise known as healing.  

Goals of therapy may include: 
-heal from a disturbing event or trauma  
-communicate more effectively in relationships  
-reduce self-doubt and anxiety & increase self-confidence
-discover your right-fit career 
-feel at home within yourself 

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