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Individual Counseling & Psychotherapy


-Are you going through a major life transition such as:

                separation or divorce 

                loss and grief

                middle age or empty nest 

                relationship difficulties 

                career or life confusion?  

- Did you experience trauma or childhood abuse and feel that it affects you today but are unsure how to heal? 

- Perhaps Covid or another life event has opened up fear, anxiety, or overwhelm. You wonder how to understand, digest, and heal to feel better?

- Are you distant or estranged from your family of origin? Is this difficult for you, especially around the holidays?

- Are you confused about who you are? Perhaps you appear together and successful, but on the inside you often feel anxious or uncertain and fear if people really knew you, they wouldn't like you?

- Are you grieving a loss and unsure how to move forward? Have others expressed you "should be over it by now"?


-Do you sometimes wonder if you are "normal"? Do you have a gnawing feeling that something is wrong or missing?

Goals of therapy may include: 
-heal from a disturbing event or trauma and move forward with hope & clarity 
-communicate more effectively in relationships & feel closer to others 
-reduce doubt and anxiety & increase self-esteem and self-confidence
-discover new interests and feel more engaged in life
-experience ease & contentment, sometimes for the first time
-discover your right career and place in the world
-feel at home with yourself and in your relationships
-congruency: feeling on the inside the way others view you from the outside

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